Wednesday, May 07, 2014

RCGC Members in Pig Events

In addition to the fluid station, the Runners' Club of Greater Cincinnati had a high turnout for running events during the Flying Pig Weekend. We had almost  50 people run the Full, the Half, the Toyota 10k or the Tristate Running Company5k. Here is a list of those members that participated. If your name is not listed, send us an email as errors are known to be made like they are known to the club as Mike and sign up for the races as Michael or decide to just go with M as a first name:

Flying Pig Marathon
Jeff Allen3:37:00 Robert Obermeyer 5:54:48
Tammy Alverson 6:05:26 Jerry Patton 5:27:40
Mohamed Banoun 4:30:59 Gary Payne 4:44:27
Daniel Bebo 4:30:42 Robert Platt 7:14:56
Russell Brown 4:36:54 Greg Roa 3:56:13
Nurys Diaz 5:27:49 Arleene Salyer-Oliver 6:17:03
Mary Alice Gruden 5:55:49 Mike Smith 4:16:37
Wayne Hinaman 6:21:30 Melissa Stokley 4:18:30
Martin Hovey 5:30:54 James Welland 3:59:52
David Lasse 5:37:51 Nancy Zadek 6:55:35
Harvey Lewis 3:04:32
Flying Pig Half Marathon
Donna Anderson2:00:06David Nelson2:32:14
Laura Booke2:29:51Kimberly Ogle2:03:01
Lisa Clements2:06:55Erin Owen1:56:16
Barbara Ellwein2:47:44Lisa Roa2:19:51
Cindy Cranmer2:14:39Llee Sivitz3:08:30
Kelly Hemmerle2:00:13Jennifer Stark2:49:27
Stacey Herdering1:59:44Jill Stelter2:21:49
Lisa Kirk3:15:58Ryan Woolley1:24:57
Erin Martell2:51:11
Toyota 10k
Barbara Ellwein 1:10:09 Harvey Lewis 35:32
John Garrity 44:42 Jerry Patton 1:00:47
Martin Hovey 1:11:09 Lisa Roa 1:05:02
Lisa Kirk 1:20:12 William Stolz 36:56
Tri-State Running Company 5k
Daniel Bebo24:09Harvey Lewis17:27
Barbara Ellwein34:32 Jerry Patton33:17
Jenny Garrity29:13Lisa Roa39:32
Michael Haller31:45Jeffrey Schwab32:08
Martin Hovey36:21Elizabeth Tiffany41:13
Ed Hunter26:04
Flying Pig Four WayFlying Pig Three Way
Martin HoveyBarbara Ellwein
Harvey LewisLisa Roa
Jerry Patton

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