Wednesday, October 08, 2014

RCGC Grand Prix Update through the Panerathon

I have been lax with the Grand Prix Update over the past few weeks with catching up at work from vacation among other things. Here is an update of the 2014 RCGC Grand Prix through the September 21 weekend where there were 4 races that members could have run in.   The goal of the Grand Prix is to include and recognize members that do many of the races that the club puts on or supports. So far, about 70 club members have participated in at least one Grand Prix Race.
Below is a list of the top 5 male and female club members for scoring through the Panerathon.  Current scoring is based on all the races that you have competed in so far.  I will tally the official scoring at the end of October(Official scoring is based on your best 5 races, best B race and best C race) as there should be enough races by then. Next race in the series is the Hike For Hospice 5k(I decided to add it to the series in memory of Nick Greco) as an A Race followed by  Run Like Hell 5k which is a C race.
If you ran the Glow Run 5k at Kings Island, let me know at

Barbara EllweinYes712Jerry PattonYes537
Cindy CranmerNo481Harvey LewisYes450
Lisa RoaYes471Greg RoaYes438
Nurys DiazYes434Martin HoveyYes359
Jenny GarrityYes243Ryan WoolleyYes357

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