Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 RCGC Grand Prix Update - End of April

Scores have been updated for the 2015 RCGC Grand Prix through the Joseph House 5k(View Standings). The goal of the Grand Prix is to include and recognize members that do many of the races that the club puts on or supports. So far, about 60 club members have participated in at least one Grand Prix Race.
 The next race in the RCGC Grand Prix will be the  Little Kings Mile on Friday May 1, followed by the events of the Flying Pig Marathon on May 2 and May 3.
Below is a list of the top 5 male and top 5 female club members for scoring through the Joseph House 5k.  Scoring is based on your best 7 races(either A, B, C), your best B race, and your best C Race. (For a complete listing of standings, go to
RCGC Grand Prix Standings
through Joseph House 5k
Top 5 FemalesTop 5 Males
Kaitlin Rickman334Lowell Clark489
Kila Hanrahan289Jim Welland388
Barbara Ellwein282Ryan Woolley293
Rebekah Wortman198Richard Gabbour278
Yanina Rowley197John Garrity200
If you ran one of the recent races and did not get credit for it, let us know as names sometimes can be missed(ie. We might know you as James, but you sign up for races as Jim).   View Standings

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