Friday, March 16, 2018

2018 Club Heart Mini Updates

Here is what the Runners' Club of Greater Cincinnati has going on for the Heart Mini Marathon this weekend:
  • For those that joined The Runners' Club of Greater Cincinnati Heart Mini Team, you can pick up your stuff at the Heart Mini Expo this Saturday March 14 at the Duke Energy Center. The expo opens at 9:00 AM. Since we had less than 10 members join our team, we will probably be under the individual pickup.     
  • Every year, the Runners' Club of Greater Cincinnati gets a hospitality suite in the Westin for members. We provide food, drinks, a place to stash your gear, and a view of Fountain Square - where all the action is on race day! It will be available around 6:45 AM on raceday. We generally find out the room number on late Saturday afternoon at check-in so check your email for the room number Saturday evening or contact us at Note:Only current paid RCGC members plus one guest, and nonmembers who signed up for the Runners' Club Heart Mini-Team have access to the rooms.

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