Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go Vibrant Research Project - Volunteers Wanted
Saw this on the club's twitter page:
go Vibrant is doing a research project with University of Cincinnati to understand how they can make the city of Cincinnati healthier. They need about a dozen people for a few focus groups. A gift card will be provided as compensation for your time. If you have an interest contact who is the Graduate Assistant leading the recruiting. Thank you for helping us and our city be healthier.

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Mike said...

Hey Cincinnati Running,

I just wanted to follow up one last time regarding a possible partnership. We would certainly love to find a way that we could unite in the effort to help our shared audience find great places to run and connect with other runners. Otherwise, we wish you the best in your continued effort to provide excellent information about running in the Cincinnati community.

Have a great day and GET OUTSIDE,

Thank you,


Danny Stull
(cell) 513.617.1983