Thursday, July 28, 2011

Statements by Stacy Osborne at the Summer Cross Country Series
This Thursday is Stacy's Last Race as Race Director of the Summer Cross Country Series.
He has directed the Series for 25 years. Over those 25 years, he said many memorable things during his race instructions and race announcements.
Below is a short listing of what he has said at the Series:

  • 15 minutes till the Tortures of the Damned!
  • Don't worry about the lightning and thunder, it will motivate you to run faster.
  • There will be two water stops on the course: one at the start and one at the finish.
  • First rule of cross country is know the course.
  • There's a thousand roots out there and one of them has your name on it.
  • Pay your fee take your chances.
  • Don't let your ass write a check your legs can't cash.
  • If you have a complaint or an issue about the services that I provide at the Summer Cross Country Series, I will give you triple your money back.

If you have run the series and have any stories or memories with Stacy as Race Director, do not hesitate to share in the comments section. As a reminder, the last race is tonight at 7:00 PM at Pattison Elementary. Since it is the last race, a post race of bread and water will be provided.

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