Sunday, November 06, 2011

Casting HEART EVENT SURVIVORS for National Bayer TV Commercial...need runners!
Hey runners, Dan Bell Casting ( ,out of Los Angeles, is casting the latest and greatest Bayer Commercial ( and they would like to spread the word to your community of runners. They are specifically looking for active, healthy people who have suffered a heart event and want to share their story with us. It's a SAG national commercial and shoots in the beginning of January. They are casting for it now.
If you have had a heart event and could skype with them on Tuesday November 8th about your story, they would love that! It is not only a great money maker for someone, but it's also for a good cause. You have to currently be on an aspirin regimen. If you have any questions, contact Lindsay Colip at 310.804.5055.
The Details
We here at Dan Bell Casting wanted to let you know about our latest and greatest casting opportunity for 'real people':
Dan Bell Casting is looking for HEART EVENT SURVIVORS for an emotional, heartfelt series of television commercials.
If you or someone you know....
  • has had a Heart Event such as a heart attack, ministroke (TIA), angioplasty or stent procedure and is currently on an aspirin regimen;
  • is proactive about heart health, diet and exercise;
  • is an advocate of heart health and encourages others to live a ProHeart lifestyle; or...
  • is a caregiver to a Heart Event victim (either was with a victim during their event or has been instrumental in helping a victim through their recovery).
If this is you, or you know of a friend or family member who fits this description, we want to hear your story! Please email Dan Bell Casting ASAP at with the following information:
  • name;
  • age;
  • city where you live;
  • what you do for work;
  • best phone number where we can reach you;
  • a short description explaining the nature of your heart event;
  • how long you have been on an aspirin regimen; and
  • whether or not you took aspirin during your heart event.

If chosen you will be asked to participate in a national television commercial and will be paid for the shoot days as well as residuals every time the commercial airs.
Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

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