Monday, September 03, 2012

Mercy Metric Recap

The Mercy Metric is one of Greater Cincinnati's longest running races.  2012 was the 34th Running of the race which puts it behind the Thanksgiving Day Race, the Summer Cross Country Series, the Memorial Day Race and the Heart Mini Marathon in terms of running longevity.   It is held  on Labor Day at Lunken Playfield and features a  5k Run / Walk or 10k Run.  The 5k starts 5 minutes earlier than the 10k.
I decided to do the 10k since both races were the same price and I wanted my money's worth of running.  The T-shirt was an optional purchase for $5 more. Since I have plenty of shirts, I decided to pass on the shirt. Both races start near the parking lot by the tennis courts at Lunken.  They had about 90 runners for the 5k and 45 runners for the 10k. Unfortunately, the remnants of Hurricane Issac wreaked havoc with the turnout and the course for both races at Lunken Playfield. There were large puddles of water  in plenty of areas near the beginning and end of the race. The road into Lunken Playfield had a puddle forming into a lake. When the 10k started, the rain died down and after the first mile into the 10k race so did the puddles.    Both courses run on the Lunken Playfield loop.  The 5k is an out and back course  on the Lunken bikepath loop along Wilmer Avenue while the 10k goes around the entire loop with one hill climb and one hill descent.  Post race featured bananas, oranges, water and cake.  Awards were medals and it seemed that almost everyone there got a medal. I have done this race a couple of times before and may do it next year when it turns 35th next year. Hopefully, the weather will be better.  Mercy Metric Results.

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