Monday, March 10, 2014

RCGC Members That Did Races This Weekend

While looking at few results this past weekend, I noticed a few familiar names of club members that did a road race.  Here is a list of members that ran a race this past weekend:
Bockfest 5k
Name Time
Jeff  Allen  21:24 
Daniel  Bebo  33:25 
Cindy  Cranmer  26:39 
Martin  Hovey  34:31 
Marcela  Oates  34:54 
Kimberly  Ogle  24:46 
Erin  Owen  35:44 
Donna  Payne  51:06 
Gary  Payne  26:45
Robert  Platt  46:19 
Greg  Roa  20:47 
Lisa  Roa  33:12 
Jeffrey  Schwab  22:03 
Debra  Wilson  42:25 
Denise  Witzgall  52:22 

Cavalier 5k
Regina Jacobs 41:55
John Zerhusen 23:45
Quo Vadis 5k
William Stolz 17:42
Quo Vadis 10k 
Paul Long 58:18
Cynthia Lough 1:24:44
Shamrock Shuffle 10k
Erin Martell 1:20:26
Thom Meyer 1:10:54

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