Thursday, December 18, 2014

RCGC Grand Prix Standings - December

Here is an update of the 2014 RCGC Grand Prix through the Turkey Burner Mile Run.   The goal of the Grand Prix is to include and recognize members that do many of the races that the club puts on or supports. So far, about 80 club members have participated in at least one Grand Prix Race.
 Official scores are tallied so everybody knows where they stand going into the final race. Official scoring is based on your best 7 races which can includes your best B race , your best C Race  plus 5 other races. The final race in the series is the Egg Nog Jog which is this Saturday, December 20 at 10:00 AM. If you did the Seven Hills Run on December 7, let us know at Please provide proof like a photo of your race number or even better you in the photo with the race number at the run).
Below are the top  10 Males and Top 10 Females through the Turkey Burner Mile.

Top 10 Females

NameVolunteerReqMetOtherRacesB RaceC RaceTotal
Barbara EllweinYes4845025559
Nurys DiazYes483480531
Lisa RoaYes465500515
Cindy CranmerYes431500481
Jennifer BlackNo39400394
Jenny GarrityYes280500330
Yanina BigasYes2455025320
Stacey HerderingNo29300293
Kimberly OgleNo29300293
Erin OwenNo231480279
Top 10 Males
NameVolunteerReqMetOtherRacesB RaceC RaceTotal
Greg RoaYes486480534
Harvey LewisYes450500500
Jerry PattonYes4115025491
Paul SeibertYes429480477
John GarrityYes389480437
James WellandYes3354825408
Ryan WoolleyYes350030380
David NelsonYes3024425371
Martin HoveyYes316430359
William StolzNo2465028324
Gary PayneYes272440316

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