Wednesday, January 07, 2015

2014 RCGC Grand Prix Update

Here is an update of the 2014 RCGC Grand Prix through the Egg Nog Jog.   The goal of the Grand Prix is to include and recognize members that do many of the races that the club puts on or supports. So far, about 80 club members have participated in at least one Grand Prix Race.
 Official scores are tallied for all the races.  Official scoring is based on your best 7 races which include your best B race , your best C Race  plus 5 other races.  If you did the Seven Hills Run on December 7, let us know at Please provide proof like a photo of your race number or even better you in the photo with the race number at the run). Note you have one week to provide notice before I make all the results final. If you need to check or view what races that you ran, you can view the raw data for all the races that you did.
Current Standings

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