Monday, February 02, 2015

Couples Registration For 2015 Labor of Love Run

With about one week to go until the 2015 Labor of Love Run, let's talk about Couples Registration. One of the interesting things about the Labor of Love is the Couple category .  There are the straight forward categories like Married, Father-Daughter, Mother Son etc,  to the tethered like Ball & Chain(Male and Female run tied together with caution tape), Thelma & Louise(Two Females run tethered together with caution tape), and Felix & Oscar(Two Males run tethered together with caution tape), to the combined age categories where couples run in Divisions based on their Combined Age.   To register as a couple,  go to online registration, Click the Couples registration, fill out the various fields.  Couple Awards are scored based on the place of the male and place of the female. If a female was 10th among females and the male runner was 5th among males, their combined score would be 15 points.  Chance of winning an award right now in the Couples Categories is pretty good(only 20 teams currently registered and we try to go three deep in each couple category). Some people in 2014 had trouble registering online as a couple, so we created an online video to help you in 2015. Enjoy. If you still have trouble, you can always fill out an entry form and mail it in.  Hurry! Mail In Registration ends today.
Note: Couples Need To Sign Up Together
Sign up today.

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