Tuesday, September 22, 2015

RCGC Members That Did The 2015 Hudepohl Brewery Run

Since the Hudy 14k had a significant part in the club's history, I compiled a list of those members that did the 2015 Hudy 14k run this past Saturday. If your name is not listed, send us an email and we will verify your data:
Club Members Who Ran the Hudy 14k
Jennifer Black5051:17:55
Lowell Clark4311:16:17
Cindy Cranmer11081:31:01
Nurys Diaz10461:29:26
Barbara Ellwein19202:13:38
Jenny Garrity13471:37:47
John Garrity1171:05:07
Kila Hanrahan7701:23:43
Martin Hovey16461:48:18
Jerry Muskal12111:33:33
Gary Payne10821:30:18
Greg Roa651:01:34
Andrew Rohne6901:22:03
Paul Seibert12611:35:04
Caroline Siderits18572:04:46
Curt Whitacre3951:15:19
Rebekah Wortman3401:14:09

Club Members Who Ran The 7k
Jeff Allen2732:32
Todd Hofacre9151:03:08
Erin Martell71453:09
Amy McManus61250:35
Bob Obermeyer49047:33
Jerry Patton44346:34
Lisa Roa61150:34
John Roach8437:39

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