Friday, November 18, 2016

2016 November RCGC Grand Prix Updates

Scores have been updated for the 2016 RCGC Grand Prix through Norwood's Indian Run.(View Standings) using official scoring.  Official scoring is based on your best 7 races run(either A, B, C), your next best B race, and a C race.  The goal of the Grand Prix is to include and recognize members that do many of the races that the club puts on or supports. So far, about 70 club members have participated in at least one Grand Prix Race.
 Upcoming races in the RCGC Grand Prix include the Straight Street Climb on November 20, and RCGC Turkey Burner Mile on November 27 .
Below is a list of the top 10 male and top 10 female club members for scoring through the Brewery Run.  For more information about the Grand Prix, go to the RCGC Grand Prix Page.
Top Grand Prix Scores Through Norwood's Indian Run

Top Ten FemalesTop Ten Males
Barbara Ellwein751Lowell Clark754
Carol Siderits678James Welland748
Kila Hanrahan677Martin Hovey705
Sharon Niehaus662Bob Platt697
Nurys Diaz656John Garrity656
Jenny Garrity548Rich Webber651
Jennifer Black524Richard Gabbour632
Stacey Herdering517Larry Richards616
Cindy Moore495Jim Moyer574
Cindy Cranmer424Ryan Woolley516

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